About the Danish Society for the History of Technology

The society is dedicated to furthering the research, education and propagation of the history of technology in Denmark. The society is also dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge between individuals and institutions working on subjects related to the history of technology.

The history of technology is defined by the society as Danish and international technology development created by a complex interaction between technology and culture including ethics, politics, economy and other parameters. The history of technology is not just about machines, products and systems but also about social processes, i.e. humans, institutions and other elements behind the technological development.

Today, the Danish Society for the History of Technology is the largest society specializing in this subject in Denmark. The society dates back to 1991 when a group of historians from Aarhus University banded together to study the history of technology. Starting in educational institutions and museums in Jutland, this eventually led to the foundation of the society under the name Society for the History of Technology in 1992 with lecturer Henry Nielsen, Aarhus University as the first chairperson. In 1995, at a meeting in Viborg, the decision to become a national society was made and the name changed to the Danish Society for the History of Technology. Lecturer Marianne Rostgaard from Aalborg University was chairperson from 1995-1996. Following her, the curator of the Steno Museum in Aarhus, Hans Buhl, took over till 2005. Frank Allan Rasmussen, the director of Frederick’s Works Industrial Museum in Northen Zeeland, was chairperson until 2012. Associate professor Michael F. Wagner, Aalborg University took over. From 2017 the chairperson is historian Louise K. Skyggebjerg from Technical University of Denmark – DTU.

The most important annual event is the annual seminar which is held at venues rotating between eastern or western Denmark. As a rule, the seminars are held at an institution or in a region with a certain topicality. In addition to the program, which typically includes lectures and discussions concerning recent aspects and tendencies in subjects connected to the history of technology, the seminars also include excursions and/or conducted tours at museums as well as social activities including a dinner. The annual general meeting is held in conjunction with the annual seminar.

After several years of tentative efforts, the website of the Danish Society for the History of Technology is up and running in 2008. The goal is that in addition to providing information to the members the website will be the history of technology focal point in Denmark. Links to important foreign and Danish news about the history of technology is one of the means to make this goal a reality.